Gautam Dasgupta is an ornithologist as well as a theater historian at Skidmore College. We discussed the legacy of live theater and we started our own gorilla theater company. Enjoy the early stages of Willy-Gautam Inc./ The Appelman-Dasgupta Explosion.

Part 2 with Yacub

May 29, 2009

We sat down and talked about the importance of music in ones life, as well as the resemblance a drum has to a baby goat.

Yacub Addy is a drum master, composer and choreographer originally from Ghana. He co-composed the 2-hour masterpiece “Congo Square” with Wynton Marsalis, performed it with Marsalis at Lincoln Center and on national tours, and recently performed at a major inaugural event for Barack Obama. We sat down with Yacub Addy and talked about his musical background.