Tuesday December 13th at 7pm!

Over the past year, I have had the privilege of working with David Ross and Tom Costello on this excellent show. It is a 60 minute comedy show that follows three pairs of people through one year at a Delaware Highschool. David and I play all of the characters and Tom gracefully directs. I am excited to premier it at The Magnet in 2 weeks and hope you’ll come and see it! Here is a video we made. Enjoy!

This was an amazing night! There was a record set for the most people to simultaneously feed each other Apples, there were stories about young love and two kids ate pizza disgustingly fast (perfect show?). Great time, great people- the crowd was on fire! Thank you so much for coming out- PHOTO TIME!

Start of the night

Apples donated from Saratoga Apple

This joke was (probably) soooo good. Yeah.

Pizza from Esperantos!


The Accident

November 3, 2011

Working on this video was really fun! Thanks to Daniel Johnson, Megan Kensil, Colby Day, Andrew Gustafson, Allison Smith and Pipeline Photoplays for this great shoot!