BMW Dribbleman

March 30, 2012

Enjoy this video for a 6 second BMW commercial contest!

My First Time

March 12, 2012

Was your first time embarrassing? ‘My First Time’ is a video I thought up with David Bernstein. Shot in my apartment in BK, there is a very talented cast consisting of Veronica Osorio, Mary Dimino, Ron Palais and Jessica Weiss. Shot by the incredible Riley Fields and edited by Riley and I. Enjoy!

Downton Abbey-Prov

March 6, 2012

Poster designed by J.R. Mozer

Super excited to perform and produce this new show at The Magnet Theater! Downton Abbey-Prov is “an improv show inspired by the drama and love of a highbrow upper class British family contrasted with the turmoil and the relationships of the servants downstairs. Set in the 1920’s, we’ll answer all of you’re Downton Abbey related questions. Will Lady Grantham continue to have strong opinions? What obstacles will Matthew and Mary confront? Will Mr. Bates get any sweeter? All of these questions will be addressed… Welcome to Downton Abbey-Prov!” Monday March 12th at 8:30! Reservations Here!

Michael Douglas Party

March 5, 2012

Wouldn’t you want Michael Douglas at your daughters sweet 16 party? Me too. This is a video that I wrote and directed about Michael Douglas. Shot and edited by William K. Scurry Jr., and starring the incredible Kevin Cobbs, Maura Hooper and Peter McNerney. If you’re interested in having Michael Douglas at your party…don’t contact me.

This weekend Company 29 had its inaugural run at The Magnet Theater in NYC! It was an honor to write and perform with Company 29’s PS 2012! There will be an all new show next month, if you missed this show stay tuned for more. Check out the post on the Magnet Theater blog!