2014 Super Bowl Prank

January 30, 2014

The Super Bowl is right around the corner!  Check out this video I made about MSG’s very first Super Bowl. 

Practical GTA

January 29, 2014

Here is the first video Applecomedy shot in 2014. Really fun shoot, written by myself and David Bernstein and directed by Tom Capps. Huge thanks to the whole Thursday Shoots crew for coming out, this was really fun to make.

2013 was a great year for Applecomedy videos according to Applecomedy. Here are 9 of my top videos that really make me and my mom smile. I love my Mom- she’s sitting very close to me right now and she’s watching me type. Ok- here are the videos.

1. NYC Subway Prank

2. Coming Out

3. We Did A Wedding

4. In Praise of Clouds

5. Coffee Gettin Drunk

6. The Photobombist

7. Under Your Mattress (Trailer)

8. The Geek

9. Dead Time (Web Series Trailer)