Pope Francis met with Kim Davis, Kentucky County Clerk, in Washington. Here is the leaked security footage from what may be the most important meeting during The Pope’s visit to the United States.


July 13, 2015

Check out this new video I wrote and directed that features a very desperate salesman trying to make the sale of his life.

Love Songs For One

February 12, 2015

Check out my new Valentine’s Day Video- Love Songs For One, that special compilation for that very special no one.

Coming Out In Brooklyn

November 27, 2013

I’ve lived in Brooklyn for 5 years and I finally built up the strength to come out to my parents.

Written by David Bernstein and directed by Bill Scurry. Audio by Frantz Rocher. Featuring Mary Dimino, Robert Kern, Andrew Yurman-Glaser and Willy Appelman. Enjoy!

We Did A Wedding!

November 13, 2013

Wedding Dancers! Finally! After performing at Graduation Parties, Wedding Anniversaries and Memorial Services, Hayley and I finally graduated to becoming Wedding Dancers. Check out the video!

The Truth

April 11, 2013


About a week ago I was honored to act in one of my favorite podcasts, The Truth. I fell in love with The Truth last summer when I listened to about 7 episodes all at once during a drive to Northern Vermont. Check out the most recent episode and stay tuned for future episodes of The Truth!



November 14, 2012

Monday, Nov. 12th I performed my one man show Public Speaking at The Magnet Theater! The show consisted of a series of characters dealing with speaking publicly in one way or another. Directed by Russ Armstrong, written and performed by myself, this was an incredibly difficult and rewarding pursuit. Working with Russ was pointed and productive, I was lucky he was on board. Thank you to everyone for the overwhelming response and positive feedback. Looking forward to more performances! Stay Tuned!

Applecomedy Update!

September 19, 2012

Applecomedy is a production comedy founded in 2009. We crank out high quality videos with strong acting and comedic narratives. We’ve been writing Country Store Raps, Fake Sex Tapes, and bus commercial parodies. Only the essential stuff.

We’re currently developing a webseries called “Stanley, Who Get’s Himself In Awkward Situations”. Check out stills from our last shoot!

Here are two of our recent shorts, shot in Brooklyn by the very talented Bill Scurry. Enjoy!

If you have any comments, please let us know! Boo yaaa!

Babbling Brook

June 28, 2012

Would you move into an apartment with a Babbling Brook?

BMW Surprise

April 11, 2012

Here is another 7 second commercial I did with Origin Films for the 7 second BMW commercial contest! Boom!