I recently read a biography of Nelson Mandela. The book shined light on Mandela’s personal/prison life, his political journey and the morals that influenced him and the South African anti-apartheid movement. It was very inspiring. Mandela, an educated, well respected man stood up for what he believed in in a way that I’ve never really seen someone do. He has, what I think most public figures lack today, integrity. His commitment to the people of South Africa through (mainly) non-violent actions is a massive part of his legacy. He stood up for ideologies that, many believed, were criminal and fought for what he believed was right. He went to prison, for 27 years, for the human rights of millions of South Africans.


Violence is not the answer, to anything. There will always be people who do stupid, abhorrent things to strike terror into the hearts of millions. But why can’t we stop these people before they decide to create terror? It’s time to increase the discussion about violence, about what causes people to respond in a way that destroys lives. Mandela changed a nation through patience and peace. Think about it this way, bombs don’t solve anything, discussions do.