Very excited for my latest Solo Show, Characters at a Wedding!  The show will debut Sunday, June 12th at 7:30pm at Magnet Theater!


December Shows!

December 2, 2014


If you’re interested in seeing me live before the world ends in 2015- check out one of these shows!

Wednesday, Dec. 3rd at 7pm- The Battery at Magnet
Saturday, Dec. 6th at 8pm- A Christmas Carol Entirely From Memory
Wednesday, Dec. 10th at 8pm- The Battery at Magnet
Thursday, Dec. 11th at 8pm-A Christmas Carol Entirely From Memory
Friday, Dec. 12th at 8pm-A Christmas Carol Entirely From Memory
Saturday, Dec. 13th at 6pm- Fly Girls at The Rundown
Saturday, Dec. 13th at 8pm-A Christmas Carol Entirely From Memory
Wednesday, Dec. 17th at 9pm- The Battery at Magnet
Saturday, Dec. 20th at 7:30- The Weave at Magnet

June Shows

June 16, 2014


This month I’m making my Off-Broadway debut in Clown Bar!  Check Clown bar out or one of these shows!

June 5th: Inspirado at 11pm @ Magnet
June 6th: Wizard of Oz…Entirely From Memory at 11:30 @ Magnet
June 11th: The Battery at 8pm @ Magnet
June 12th: Inspirado at 11pm @ Magnet
June 13th: Wizard of Oz…Entirely From Memory at 11:30 @ Magnet
June 14th: Clown Bar at 7:30pm @ The Box
June 15th: SceneSongs at 6pm @ Magnet
June 18th: The Battery at 10pm @ Magnet
June 19th: Inspirado at 11pm @ Magnet
June 21st: Sketch 301 Show at 1pm @ UCB Chelsea
June 21st: Clown Bar at 7:30pm @ The Box
June 25th: The Battery at 7pm @ Magnet
June 26th: Inspirado at 11pm @ Magnet
June 28th: Clown Bar at 7:30pm @ The Box

Here is a video I made with some friends. Sometimes people on the subway dance or sing, and sometimes people have a Christmas dinner because their house is being renovated. Merry Christmas! Enjoy!


Tonight marks the beginning of The Clown Bar extension! Tickets for the rest of the run are completely sold out…so there’s that. So excited for the show and can’t wait for the next 4 performances!

Coffee Gettin Drunk!

January 9, 2013

Coffee drawings! This is a series that I came up with when I was sitting in a coffee shop procrastinating. Many more coffee puns to come, until then, enjoy!

Babbling Brook

June 28, 2012

Would you move into an apartment with a Babbling Brook?

On June 2nd I will be performing at ArsNova as a part of ANTfest in “Bea Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table”. Check out the show! I am very excited, here is a description-

“Welcome to the world of LARP (Live-Action Role-Playing), where a copyboy can be a king and a mom can be a medieval maiden. When a couple’s tension fractures their LARP guild, the membership divides, pitting Arthurian knights in a battle of the sexes against an equally legendary fellowship: The Golden Girls.”

Directed by Dominic Spillane
Written by Joe Tracz

BMW Surprise

April 11, 2012

Here is another 7 second commercial I did with Origin Films for the 7 second BMW commercial contest! Boom!

Downton Abbey-Prov

March 6, 2012

Poster designed by J.R. Mozer

Super excited to perform and produce this new show at The Magnet Theater! Downton Abbey-Prov is “an improv show inspired by the drama and love of a highbrow upper class British family contrasted with the turmoil and the relationships of the servants downstairs. Set in the 1920’s, we’ll answer all of you’re Downton Abbey related questions. Will Lady Grantham continue to have strong opinions? What obstacles will Matthew and Mary confront? Will Mr. Bates get any sweeter? All of these questions will be addressed… Welcome to Downton Abbey-Prov!” Monday March 12th at 8:30! Reservations Here!