My latest video deals with a really hard hitting relationship issue, bangs.  Do you get them or not?  It’s a situation every couple will have to deal with…I actually dealt with it in my own life.  Wow…it was so long ago.  Check out the video above or on Cosmopolitan or The Huffington Post!

Dear Reni Trailer

February 1, 2012

Dear Reni is a short film I co-wrote with J.R. Mozer and was shot in 2010. It is directed by Jason Hinkle and has an amazing cast! We’re planning a premier this Spring in NYC and look forward to your feedback. Dear Reni is about a social misfit announcing a surprise internet marriage. His friends and family are excited for him but his new fiance seems to have questionable motives. Check it out!

I was very happy to produce and host the OH SHIT! Challenge at Inspirado. Brick, Inspirado champions, were challenged to have two people get married during their set. We provided a justice of the peace, a marriage license and a wedding cake. This was the result.

Check out the story on THE APIARY.