Love Songs For One

February 12, 2015

Check out my new Valentine’s Day Video- Love Songs For One, that special compilation for that very special no one.

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I was having a shitty day. Negative, slow and just hopeless. I was in The Marina district and decided to walk back to Noe Valley (around 3.5 miles). I had just conquered a huge hill when Hayley called me. “What are you doing?” she said. “I’m walking home.” “That’s really far!” she said. I didn’t care. Hayley said she was on a bus heading to an interview, “where are you?” she said. I told her I was on Folsom about to get to the corner of Jackson. She paused and said, “that’s where I am.” I looked up at the bus that had just stopped at the corner and there she was. We were literally right next to each other- separated only by a few feet and a few inches of metal and glass. We both stared at each other- AMAZED- and just began laughing. Then, I noticed an old woman, with a cane and a hunched back standing very close to me. “That’s a beeeeautiful girl!” she said. “I know, that’s my girlfriend, we’ve been dating for 8 years!” She said, “OOoohhh, you should marry her before someone else SNATCHES her up!” The bus pulled away and Hayley and I, still on the phone, hung up. I asked the old woman if I could help her cross the street. We linked arms and made our way, slowly, accross Folsom. “You’re a very nice looking boy,” she said, “if you two got married, you’d have half a dozen nice looking kids”. I smiled and said thank you. When we had crossed the street she looked at me and said I had “very very nice teeth”. I smiled again and thanked her.


In a minute and a half, a coincidental bus encounter and helping a stranger cross the street cleared the fog, made the sun come out and made my 3.5 mile journey ahead completely worth it.

China Expedition!

July 25, 2012

This summer has been full of great shows, delicious food and breathtaking swims in Vermont ponds. But an opportunity came about that was incredible. My girlfriend Hayley and I had the opportunity to work with The Jiayu School in China. We traveled in the Beijing Province and visited The Great Wall, The Forbidden City, and The Temple of Heaven among other places. We worked with a group of talented Chinese & American students during this trip. It was a great chance to get outside of the U.S. and have new experiences. Photos are below. If you get the chance to travel, do it.

My First Time

March 12, 2012

Was your first time embarrassing? ‘My First Time’ is a video I thought up with David Bernstein. Shot in my apartment in BK, there is a very talented cast consisting of Veronica Osorio, Mary Dimino, Ron Palais and Jessica Weiss. Shot by the incredible Riley Fields and edited by Riley and I. Enjoy!

Dear Reni Trailer

February 1, 2012

Dear Reni is a short film I co-wrote with J.R. Mozer and was shot in 2010. It is directed by Jason Hinkle and has an amazing cast! We’re planning a premier this Spring in NYC and look forward to your feedback. Dear Reni is about a social misfit announcing a surprise internet marriage. His friends and family are excited for him but his new fiance seems to have questionable motives. Check it out!

Tall Tale Tanner

May 12, 2011

In the Fall of 2009 I worked really hard with Jason Hinkle to create a short film called Tall Tale Tanner. In 2010 we sent it to 6 festivals in Chicago, NYC and LA. It won Best Short and Audience Pick in the Chicago United Film Festival. I am so proud of all the hard work that people put into this film to make it what it is. If you have 11 minutes, please sit and enjoy and feel free to pass it on. I have another short film coming out this fall about an internet marriage gone wrong, stay tuned!