Ever wonder what Daniel Radcliffe rapping about Harry Potter would be like?  Wonder no more!

This month Deep Traffic brings a variety of Stand up and storytelling to the Magnet Theater on a Saturday night! Please come out and enjoy some of the greatest comedians, storytellers and musicians in New York City!

This month:

Sean Patton (Fallon, Comedy Central, Marc Maron’s new pilot!)
Adam Newman (Collegehumor, TBS Just For Laughs Festival)
Danny Solomon (MEATSTEAK)
Musical Guest: Grace McLean

and MORE….


Deep Traffic at The Magnet Theater is a monthly variety show that I co-host with Adam Lerman. This month we have a show worthy of an oscar nomination.

Deep Traffic presents:

Joe Mande (Comedy Central)
Victor Varnado (The Awkward Comedy Show)
Sara Schaefer (Late night w/ Jimmy Fallon)
Seth Herzog (Late night w/ Jimmy Fallon)

Tickets are $5 and there is a strong chance of Free Pizza. What a great way to spend a monday night, right? Check it out.