I was very happy to produce and host the OH SHIT! Challenge at Inspirado. Brick, Inspirado champions, were challenged to have two people get married during their set. We provided a justice of the peace, a marriage license and a wedding cake. This was the result.

Check out the story on THE APIARY.


August 1, 2011

It has been an honor to build an improv competition with Peter McNerney and Rick Andrews at The Magnet Theater. Inspirado is a weekly improv show at The Magnet Theater at 11pm on Thursdays, the show has been running for over 2 months now! Every thursday at 11pm two teams face off for the honor to hold The Dale North Memorial Trophy and the chance to come back next week. This thursday I will be hosting the show with Peter McNerney at 11pm! If you have a chance, come by the Magnet and catch one of these show during the month of August. BOOM!