July 13, 2015

Check out this new video I wrote and directed that features a very desperate salesman trying to make the sale of his life.

Dear Reni Trailer

February 1, 2012

Dear Reni is a short film I co-wrote with J.R. Mozer and was shot in 2010. It is directed by Jason Hinkle and has an amazing cast! We’re planning a premier this Spring in NYC and look forward to your feedback. Dear Reni is about a social misfit announcing a surprise internet marriage. His friends and family are excited for him but his new fiance seems to have questionable motives. Check it out!

It was a rough night! “I survived the 2011 Hurricane” was the first thing I thought about getting tatoo’d on my forehead, but quickly decided against it. Enjoy this video from the folks at WNHA, bringing news to you even when you don’t want it.