The Pigeon In The Coffee Shop

August 14, 2013

A pigeon walked into a coffee shop, it didn’t fly. It came in wanting a muffin, some water and a cup of their house roast. It didn’t disturb anyone; it walked under two elderly men with canes, but they didn’t see the pigeon, so that doesn’t even matter. When it walked directly up to the counter, and evaded the line, it was acting a little cocky. Now people in the coffee shop were exchanging nervous glances. Who is this pigeon? Then, a man in an apron walked directly at the pigeon. He didn’t speak, he just had a menacing grin on his face. The pigeon, not wanting to get stepped on, moved out of the way. But the grinning man kept coming. The pigeon had enjoyed the coffee shop’s muffins, bagels and pastries for years! And now this! Not wanting to make a scene- the pigeon walked, it didn’t fly- out the door. The man stood at the entrance, staring at the pigeon. It was a mean stare. The kind of stare The Big People give you when you’re not welcome. The pigeon didn’t do anything wrong. That coffee shop just lost a good pigeon.


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