Excuse Me

July 18, 2013

red lips isolated in white

“Excuse me,” she startled him. “May I kiss you?” He sighed. He was already in a relationship, with a woman, kissing other woman was against the rules. “I’m very beautiful.” She wasn’t lying. She was gorgeous; long thin legs, a slender face and beautiful natural breasts; she must have been a model. “A big kiss. Wet. Then maybe I could stick my tongue in your ear and we could take steps towards having sex?” The Mexican music playing in the coffee shop was especially plucky now, his leg began to shake. She came closer, “it’s not like I always do this, in fact I rarely do, but you…you’re just so intriguing.”

His espresso had one drop left, he sucked it down and noticed his shaking leg began to rock the table and in turn, the small glass of water on it. “I’m from here,” she said. “I live very close, we could go back to my apartment!” She bent over…cleavage…she licked her lips very slowly. “I’m really interested in learning more about you…getting to know what makes you tick?” Now, for the first time, he smiled. He appreciated this line. She actually was interested in his work! “I could show you my studio- I’m a wonderful art-“– “Listen”, he cut her off, “I’m in a relationship.” She paused, stood straight up and buttoned her blouse.

She was sad. She reached into her purse and pulled out what looked like a black bic lighter, and flipped open a switch blade. He jumped. “Calm down,” she whispered,”don’t scream”. Now she was very close and he could tell she was actually more beautiful up close than from 2 feet away. “One kiss,” she said. She leaned in and her thin red lips engulfed his upper lip. It was a wet kiss and her breath smelled like strawberry’s and lavender. She inhaled, and as she exhaled her body shook like a wet dog. She slipped her knife back into her purse and abruptly exited the coffee shop. He looked over his shoulder as she hustled down the sidewalk. She truly was very beautiful.


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